Paulo F. Oliveira

Erlang Developer, Senior Engineer

I started working with Erlang in 2014, back in R16B03. Before that, I wrote C, Java and server-side JavaScript. I've worked on mobile games' backends and internet portals, NATO port surveillance systems and helicopter engine software, as well as space projects and integrations with SAP. I was born and live in Portugal, and enjoy most of my coding in my apartment's balcony, in the sun, these days.. I'm a CI and static analysis aficionado and a regular FOSS contributor, for projects such as setup-beam, elvis_core, and a few others. In 2021, I helped organize SpawnFest with other elements of The Fellowship of the BEAM.

Past Activities

Paulo F. Oliveira / Brujo Benavides
Code BEAM Europe 2022
Tutorial/ 17 May 2022
09.30 - 17.00

Building a maintainable open-source library with Erlang/OTP - A Speedrun




You will learn how to go from an empty folder to a maintainable open-source library hosted on GitHub, ready to be published on Hex.pm and built with Erlang/OTP, using rebar3 and a host of plugins that will help you get there.We will guide you through this interactive process that will involve starting from a template, writing in-source documentation, creating and executing tests, performing static analysis, setting up continuous integration using Github Actions, and finally publishing your library on Hex.pm.


7 Hours


To learn how to build a fully releasable open-source library and get it ready to be published in Hex.pm,
To prepare it to be easily maintainable, through the use of tests, static checks, and other tools.


People who would like to contribute to the Erlang Ecosystem.