Powell Kinney

Chief product owner at Toyota Connected

Powell Kinney began his career as a software developer in geospatial systems and autonomous vehicles. After a hiatus to earn his MD and complete a surgery internship, he has spent the last several years architecting and building various web-scale platforms in the IoT space. Prior to joining Toyota Connected, he was the CTO of Vinli, a connected car startup in Dallas, and served as an editor on the W3C Automotive Working Group. The Mobility Services Platform team, which Powell leads at Toyota Connected, is tasked with building the global platform for Toyota's mobility initiatives including car-sharing, ride-sharing, fleet management and more.


Past Activities

Powell Kinney
Code Elixir LDN 2018
16 Aug 2018
09.10 - 09.55

Elixir for the Long Haul

At Toyota Connected, we're part of a team building the software platform supporting Toyota's transformation to a mobility company.  Our approach has been to create software that powers mobility in its varied forms, not just a single use case, which has meant building a platform that can continue to persist as new opportunities emerge on the way to a future of vehicle autonomy.  We will discuss designing for longevity with Elixir and Erlang/OTP for a platform that will empower mobility at the global scale.


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Elixir powers first Car Share Service from Toyota

Article by Powell Kinney

Toyota has just launched its first global car sharing platform, operated by Servco Pacific, Toyota’s distributor in Hawaii. The Hui service utilises Toyota’s proprietary global Mobility Service Platform (MSPF) which is built partly with Elixir. Toyota Connected and Servco developed the service together as one of the first public applications of MSPF, the core ecosystem for leveraging the potential of connected vehicle systems to support the development of new mobility businesses – such as car-sharing, ride-sharing and remote delivery.