Raimo Niskanen

Software and hardware gaffer, author of gen_statem.

Raimo stumbled over Erlang in a course in parallel computing in 1996, and has been in the OTP team at Ericsson since the start of the millennium.

During that time he has worked on such diverse things as an earlier version of the trace subsystem, the fprof profiling tool, the Emulator Toolbox for Pathologists, the TCP/UDP/SCTP subsystem, the DNS resolver, the erlang.org site and mailing lists, the internal OTP lab and CI toolchain, the rand module, erlang.org/doc/search, and gen_statem.

Raimo Niskanen's talks: 2

Update: OTP Team

Gen_statem - the tool you never knew you always wanted

In Erlang/OTP 19.0 a new gen_* behaviour targeted at writing state machines was introduced - gen_statem. With its much richer feature set and a more general event model it was intended to replace the gen_fsm behaviour.

This talk goes through the gen_statem features, how they differ from gen_fsm and plain gen_server, and why they make gen_statem a better tool for writing any state machine except possibly the simplest.

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gen_statem - SLIDES - Code BEAM SF 2018
Raimo Niskanen

Slides from Raimo Niskanen's talk "gen_statem - The tool you never knew that you always wanted" - Code BEAM SF 2018

Update: OTP Team - SLIDES - Code BEAM SF 2018
Raimo Niskanen

Slides from Raimo Niskanen's talk "Update: OTP Team" - Code BEAM SF 2018


Update OTP Team - Code BEAM SF 2018

gen_statem - The Tool You Never Knew You Always Wanted - Code BEAM SF 2018