Riccardo Binetti

Astarte core team member

Riccardo didn't even think about being a backend developer until he fell in love with Elixir. He is an open source enthusiast and he loves being inspired by beautiful codebases. When he's not coding he's usually playing music with strange instruments, such as his Game Boy. You can usually find him online with the nickname rbino.


Past Activities

Riccardo Binetti
Code BEAM SF 2019
28 Feb 2019
10.45 - 11.30

Beyond the MQTT broker

IoT solutions are usually focused on delivering data from the device to the server and viceversa, but they don't help you with other fundamental challenges, like data storage, certificate renewal, and API layers. Using just a standalone MQTT broker is simply not enough to get your IoT project running.

This talk will introduce Astarte, an open source middleware written in Elixir: a cornerstone packing all the building blocks needed to deliver modern IoT projects without having to take care of all the low level details.


Introducing Astarte both from the end user and the developer's perspective, with some insights on the design choices made in its development.


People interested in IoT and/or the design process behind a Kubernetes-native distributed system built with Elixir.