Rodrigo Nonose

Curiosity-driven developer experienced in multiple languages

Rodrigo is a software engineer with experience in multiple languages, such as Java, PHP, Python and now Elixir/Erlang. He's a curiosity-driven developer, studying a variety of topics and loves hands-on experience.

Upcoming conferences:

Rodrigo Nonose
Code BEAM SF 2019

Microservices with Elixir

This walk will show the easiness of developing microservices with Elixir with approaches to project structure, communication protocols and libraries.

  • Umbrella apps allow code/configuration/state splitting and keep your apps isolated and independent.
  • Erlang Distribution Protocol allows you to invoke code in remote nodes without fuss.
  • Libraries like libcluster/swarm/partisan allow clustering and work stealing between the nodes

Using those mechanics, it allows us to use the good parts of monoliths and reduces the friction ongoing multi-node.


The goal of this talk is to have the audience walk away with a better understanding of the concurrency models in Go and Elixir and what the advantages and tradeoffs of each one are.


Mid to senior level developers with some experience in concurrent programming (basically everyone at Code BEAM SF).