Sam Davies

Elixir core contributor

Sam has been involved in the Elixir community since early 2017 and has been championing it's use at Nested, leading a growing team of engineers to build a new breed of world-class estate agency software, with Elixir as the secret sauce.

A reformed physicist, Sam started his career as a Ruby consultant. In a previous life, he has worked as a senior Rails consultant helping Factual bring their flagship Geopulse suite up to date with the latest best practices, and co-founded a startup called ProGolfMe, which allows golfers to get online lessons from a qualified coach.

He was drawn to Elixir because of it's beginner-friendliness and the power of the underlying Erlang VM and now spends his day-to-day working with Elixir and React, and contributing to open source projects such as Elixir core and the Rihanna job queueing library.


Past Activities

Sam Davies
Code Elixir LDN 2018
16 Aug 2018
14.05 - 14.50

A shot of Absinthe: from zero to GraphQL in 40 minutes (BEGINNER)

What is GraphQL?

Why should I care about it?

What's the difference between GraphQL and REST?

How can I use GraphQL with Elixir?

Sam will be covering answers to these questions and more in this introduction to GraphQL, and best practices for using it with Elixir.


Sam will cover the challenges he faced at Nested growing their Elixir team and how the team solved them. Some topics to be covered:

  • Onboarding developers with little to no Elixir experience
  • Using cutting-edge libraries in stable production code
  • Learning “The Elixir Way”
  • How to grow the team whilst maintaining a high bar for code quality
  • How to grow the codebase in a sustainable way
  • Contributing back to the open source community

In Sam's talk, he will be discussing what his team at Nested has learned so far on their Elixir journey, how using Elixir has contributed to business value for the company and how he has solved the unique challenges faced when scaling an Elixir development team.