Satnam Singh

Software Engineer at Google Research

Making hardware design and software programming the same thing.

Satnam Singh is a software engineer at Google Research working on techniques to produce high assurance hardware using formal techniques. Satnam has worked on a variety of projects relating to hardware design (tools and circuits at Xilinx and X), languages and compilers (at Microsoft), verification, devops (e.g. Kubernetes at Google), mobile (Android apps at Facebook), functional programming and parallelism and concurrency. Satnam has also worked as an academic (at the University of Glasgow and the University of Birmingham) researching techniques for accelerating algorithms with FPGA circuits. Satnam also has previous form at British Telecom, The University of Washington, European Silicon Structures and VLSI Technology.

Past Activities

Satnam Singh
Code Mesh V
06 Nov 2020
22.20 - 23.00

A True Heart Of Silicon

This talk gives a high level overview of an open source project at Google Research called Oak that working on technology how our information is used in distributed systems by allowing the specification of data use and movement policies. At the heart of these systems is a "root of trust" that must be produced to a very high level of assurance. This talk gives a flavour of a novel approach of specifying, verifying and implementing silicon root of trust hardware in a theorem prover in a mathematical language and then automatically extracting an implementation that works on FPGA hardware. This work is done using the open source silicon root of trust called OpenTitan https://opentitan.org.


Excite people about the practical power of formal specification and verification for solving real world problems.


General computer science audience curious about alternative ways to produce software and hardware very different from the mainstream.