Stephen Bussey

Sneakerhead and author of Real-Time Phoenix

Steve is a software architect based in Atlanta, GA. He loves building software, from frontend applications powered by vanilla JS / React, to server applications powered by Elixir or Ruby. He also loves teaching and empowering others to find their success in the software industry.

Steve is the author of "Real-Time Phoenix: Build Highly Scalable Systems with Channels" by Pragmatic Bookshelf. He believes that real-time applications can offer important user experience improvements, and enjoys writing about it.


Upcoming Activities

Stephen Bussey
Code BEAM America 2021
Tutorial/ 02 Nov 2021
09.00 - 17.00

Real Time Applications: Beyond the UI

This course will give you the building blocks necessary to build scalable real-time applications. If you are working on an application that has real-time features, or you want to ship more reliable applications, this course is for you.

We’ll focus on the engine that sits behind great real-time apps. You’ll build a data pipeline from source to user backed by GenStage. We’ll connect multiple nodes together to see how our servers can work together over PubSub. All applications need to be deployed, so we’ll cover deployment problems that are specific to real-time applications. Of course, we’ll be using Phoenix Channels and LiveView as well.



  • Users have a higher expectation of the applications they use—real-time is a must in 2021 and beyond.
  • Real-time applications are easy to get started with but can have lots of nuance. Learn about the real-world challenges you’ll face when building your application.
  • LiveView has taken the Elixir world by fire—learn about the primitives that power it, so you can become the LiveView expert for your company






Professionals that are working with, or want to work with, real-time powered applications.


1 day (8 hr with breaks)



  • Familiarity with Elixir
  • We’ll build the entire set of knowledge needed from ground up, so honestly don’t need much more than Elixir



  • Build a data pipeline based on GenStage / Broadway
  • Communicate multiple nodes over Phoenix PubSub
  • Ins and outs of Phoenix Channels / LiveView
  • Productionize a real-time application



  • GenStage
  • PubSub
  • Channels / LiveView
  • Production deployments
  • Real-world experiences I’ve learned
  • Phoenix Tracker (Presence)