Thomas Depierre

Building collaborative Software Agents

From EE to launching a company focused on dev tools, Thomas journey have been wide. French, CEO, freelancer sometimes, in general lover of cat and tea. Thomas have been cleaning up projects for years.

Particularly interested in system thinking, incidents and Resilience Engineering, Thomas love to listen to war stories. He is now trying to bring Cognitive System Engineering to dev tools.

Past Activities

Thomas Depierre
Code BEAM V Europe
19 May 2021
14.30 - 15.10

Here be Floating Dragons: A Tale of Making OTP Faster

When you spend enough time in the programming community, you learn that a few things are full of dangers. Floating Point ? Here Be Dragons. String representations ? Here Be Dragons. Multi Platform Virtual Machines? Here Be Dragons.

Here is the tale of how i replaced a Dragon algorithm with another Dragon algorithm, to convert floating points numbers to string faster inside OTP. Hopefully this will show you that dragons are not impossible to deal with. And that you can contribute to OTP too.

Bryan Hunt / Veronica Lopez / David Schainker / Thomas Depierre / Jani Leppanen / Jake Morrison
Code Mesh V
06 Nov 2020
21.25 - 22.05

Panel Discussion: The number of orchestration technologies is too damn high!

Service orchestration technologies are an essential tool to manage the chaos of modern application development and infrastructure scaling, but the choices can feel overwhelming. Where should a team get started on their service orchestration journey? How do they ensure this choice can benefit the team’s use case for years to come? David Schainker will facilitate a panel bringing the expertise of Jani Leppanen, Verónica López, Thomas Depierre, and Brian Hunt with the goal of bringing clarity to the fog of such decision making.

Our panelists will discuss their orchestration technology of choice and why it matters to them. We’ll hear about how to learn the ropes, how these technologies boost developer efficiency, how to staff the team to use this technology, and how to get management on board with leveraging newfound efficiencies.