Timmo Verlaan

Erlang & Elixir contributor, Nerves/GRiSP enthusiast!

Timmo lives in Amsterdam with his wife and three kids.

He works at Wuunder where he is working on a logistics platform.

In his free time he plays with Nerves which he used to control temperature for fermenting beer, play/pause spotify remotely and teach his kids something about coding.

Past Activities

Timmo Verlaan
10 Sep 2020
18.25 - 19.05

A war story - from failures to success


Developing a communication platform seems to be the perfect fit for the BEAM. At least, that is what we thought when we set out to replace the existing Astrisk-based platform. Picking the proper tools is a good start, but when you develop in isolation for 2-3 years you might not learn about the BEAM characteristics under load. After 6 months in production, the first warning signs started to show.

Join our war story and learn what to avoid and how to change failures into success.




War story


  • Share learnings with a wider audience.
  • Create openness and trust in sharing failures.


  • Anyone with an interest in war stories.
  • Anyone that is about to start a big project.
Timmo Verlaan / Marlus Saraiva / Bruce Tate
Code BEAM V Europe
20 May 2021
13.10 - 13.50

Fireside Chat on LiveView Surface

Join Marlus Saraiva, the creator of Surface, alongside Timmo Verlaan and Bruce Tate for a discussion about Surface, the new LiveView Component library.

Surface is a server-side rendering component library built on top of LiveView. Surface brings static type checks to LiveComponents, while providing better ergonomics and a high-degree of composability. It is a powerful tool in the LiveView developer's toolkit for designing rich, interactive UIs that are easy to build, layer, and maintain.

Bruce Tate, co-author of Programming Phoenix LiveView, will moderate a discussion between Marlus Saraiva and Timmo Verlaan. We'll talk with Marlus about the problems Surface is designed to solve, what it's been like to build the library, where Surface is going next, and more. We'll also hear from Timmo Verlaan on his experience working with Surface, when and why he reaches for Surface, and what Surface has brought to LiveView development. We also want to hear from you, the audience. So come with all of your Surface questions and join us for this lively discussion.

Timmo Verlaan
Code BEAM STO 2018
01 Jun 2018
15.20 - 15.45

No(de) discovery without DNS & EPMD

Distributed Erlang makes writing distributed applications a breeze. However, setting up distributed Erlang is not always as easy in local (Nerves) or containered (Docker) environments. We explore how Erlang distribution is started by a node. After starting Erlang distribution usually nothing happens until the user requests to connect to another node. The other node has then to be discovered in order to be able to connect to it. Currently only DNS is supported to find other nodes and EPMD to discover the correct port. Alternative discovery mechanisms exist but are not (yet) natively supported by Erlang distribution.

This talk will cover a new feature that will add native support and the road to merging it into Erlang/OTP.


Spread knowledge about a new feature coming to Erlang and how you can add new features yourself. It is not hard!