Valentin Micic

Author of Building web applications with Erlang, CEO at Pharos-Avantgard (Pty) Ltd

Omnia mea mecum porto. 

Escaped from Balkans in 1991 and remained happy ever after... Bought furniture at four continents and fond of distributed living.

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Valentin Micic
Code BEAM STO 2019

Building of distributed time series database - techniques and lessons learned

The Time-Series Database (TSDB) has been designed to mange storage and retrieval of data using chronological order. It presumes no further ordering or classification of data, which remains opaque to the database management system itself. The challenges encountered during the process include, high transaction rates, "temper resistance" and data encryption.


Share some interesting (and hopefully relevant) techniques with Erlang community.


Erlang software engineers that could benefit from techniques used to store and retrieve reasonably high data volumes.