Zachary Kessin

Author "Building Web Applications with Erlang"

Zachary Kessin has been developing software on the web since dinosaurs walked the earth (Circa 1994). He discovered Erlang around 2012 and wrote the book "Building Web Applications with Erlang" and created the Mostly Erlang Podcast and the Beam Channel on youtube. GIven half a chance he will talk about property-based testing, types, and other code stuff. Zachary teaches teams to use Erlang and Elixir from a base in Israel's Negev Desert.

Upcoming conferences:

Zachary Kessin
Code BEAM STO 2019

Erlang and Elixir Types a deep dive

We have type specs in Erlang and Elixir but we are not using them for things past dialyzer and a few other things.


How can use type specs to validate our code, validate input data and more, Zachary will show us how.


Mid-level to experienced Erlang and Elixir Developers

Past conferences

Zachary Kessin
Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam 2018
30 Nov 2018
16.55 - 17.15

Types in Erlang - a shallow dive