Zack Kayser

Elixir Evangelist Everywhere

Zack is a software engineer at Gaslight in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has spent the last couple of years working on a wide variety of projects -- ranging from server-side applications, to iOS and web frontend enterprise applications, to one-day hackathon projects, all the way to game development for personal enjoyment (and pain :-D). Ever since being introduced to Elixir, Erlang, and OTP in 2016, he has been a huge proponent of functional programming and an evangelist for a movement towards more immutability and no shared state wherever possible. Prior to entering the software industry, he was a professional translator specializing in English to Japanese translation. Outside of work, Zack is an avid traveler .

Past Activities

Zack Kayser / Beau Heubach
06 Mar 2020
13.40 - 14.25

GeoRacer: Building a real-time multiplayer mobile game in Elixir in 6 weeks

Phoenix Phrenzy was an app building competition to show off a brand-new feature in the Phoenix web framework called LiveView. LiveView allows developers to build dynamic, real-time web interfaces using only Elixir. Our team wanted to push the boundaries of LiveView, so we built a geo-location based racing game we called GeoRacer and were delighted when our app won. In this session, we'll share the story of building GeoRacer and show how LiveView can give you web app building super powers.






  • Show how we leverage Phoenix and LiveView to build a rich native app experience
  • Demonstrate the power and performance LiveView in building real-time interactions
  • Explore what we learn from building Geo Racer and how we hope to use LiveView in the future


Elixir/Erlang developers wanting to build web or mobile apps without needing a JS framework