Zurab Davitiani

Feature flagging enthusiast, wrote an Erlang/Elixir SDK client for LaunchDarkly

Zurab started programming as a kid on an Olivetti 286 laptop running DR-DOS. Since then he has worked anywhere from startups to large corporations, accumulating an extensive experience creating, and leading teams to create, web applications and services. Currently a software engineer at LaunchDarkly, Zurab loves challenges brought by concurrency and distributed systems.

Past Activities

Zurab Davitiani
Code BEAM SF 2019
28 Feb 2019
17.15 - 17.40

Feature flagging in Erlang using LaunchDarkly

Do you feature flag your software releases? Let me entertain you with my journey to build an Erlang client as a part of a globally distributed feature management platform by LaunchDarkly.

We'll start with an overview of how feature flagging works, including architecture of LaunchDarkly service. Then we'll focus on building an Erlang application, covering non-trivial role LaunchDarkly SDK clients play as a part of a distributed feature flag database. We'll draw parallels to other languages for extra fun too.


The audience will leave with the understanding of what feature flagging is, and challenges are involved in building a feature flagging solution, whether in house or as a service. The talk will go into specifics of how LaunchDarkly clients play a key role in the distributed system, with details of Erlang implementation. It will draw parallels, where appropriate, with other implementations, giving the audience a more general understanding of how Erlang approach may differ from others.


The talk's primary target audience is developers who are interested in learning about Erlang and feature flagging in general in a scalable and distributed way, whether they currently engage in feature flagging practice or not.

The secondary target audience that could also benefit from this talk is anyone involved in product cycle who is generally interested in how to manage feature deployments separately from software releases via the use of feature flags.